Baoshan Park

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Baoshan Park of Shanghai's Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone has three sub-parks and three industrial bases, with a total area of 30 square kilometers.


The design drawing of Shanghai International Research & Development Headquarter. [Photo provided to]

It has three major industries, including the high-tech manufacturing, modern services and media.

Shanghai Baoshan City Industrial Zone, one of the three sub-parks, is dedicated to R&D, business and sci & tech services in the four fields, biological medicine, electronics, bulk commodity trade, new materials and new energy. It strives to integrate secondary and tertiary industries.

Baoshan Industrial Zone aims to be an international center for intelligent manufacturing, new materials, energy equipment, and information technology.

Baoshan Industrial Park of Robotics focuses on the intelligent science and technology and strives to become a center for robotics research, innovation, and manufacturing; a cluster for productive services and a core area of headquarter economy.

The e-commerce demonstration base of Baoshan  Park is located along the No 1 Line of Shanghai Metro. It seeks to become a hi-tech services center focusing on e-commerce, internet finance and software and information technology services, supported by a regional intellectual property trade center and an e-commerce incubation center.

Fudan hi-tech industrial base is along Shanghai Metro’s No 3 Line. The base prioritizes mobile Internet, software and information technology services, and design industry.

Baoshan Park’s national culture demonstration zone is developing around animation, science and technology and culture. It works to be a culture and science center along the No 7 Line with focuses on modern services industries.