Putuo Park

Updated:2016-01-28 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Putuo Park covers a 10.2-square-kilometer area divided into a 3.6-sq-km southern part and 6.6-sq-km northern part, with 13 sub-parks that include the Changfeng Econogical Business Zone, Zhonghuan International Small-to-Mid-Size Enterprise HQ Community, Huada Science and Technology Park, Universal Software Park, New Caoyang Hi-tech Zone, Taopu Smart City, Futurity Science and Technology Park, and the Mytech Incubation Center.

The Park's focus is on the Taopu Smart City and regional scientific and technological innovations, with the northern part intended to become an innovation-oriented development zone and the southern part a business area that brings together commercial resources to drive innovation.

The Park will have an industrial system with high-tech industries, new-generation information technology, top services, and emerging industries such as healthcare, new materials, culture and finance. In cultivating and branding industries it will look for breakthroughs and improve science and technology industries to contribute to the regional economy. 

The park has extensive cooperation with research institutes and enterprises and handles many scientific and technological projects to help guide industrial innovation and attract more leading enterprises to the area. It also supports the development of leading companies in competitive industries and provides tailored services for those enterprises in SMEs and in new industrial clusters.