Minhang Park

Updated:2016-01-28 (chinadaily.com.cn)


The park is in Shanghai's Minhang district, which contains the Shenzhuang Industrial Zone, Minhang Economic and Technological Development Park (which got State Council approval as a national development zone in August 1986), the Minhang Old Industrial Base, Xiangyang Industry Park, Maqiao Industry Park, and Shenzhuang Business Park, on a 44.49-square–kilometer area.

The park focuses on power equipment, marine and aerospace equipment, new energy vehicle and intelligent devices manufacturing and develops emerging industries, such as new generation information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, and new materials, and the culture and creativity industry. Because it is one of the Zhangjiang Zone's seven scientific and technological innovation bases, it houses hi-tech companies and the 120,000-sq-m Shenmin Entrepreneurial Base for Returning Students as a national incubation center for scientific and technological enterprises with Science and Technology Ministry backing.

In recent years, students returning from overseas have set up almost 400 firms and more than 300 overseas professionals have settled in it and, as public services, such as financing, intellectual property and human resources improve they’ve made the park an ideal site for entrepreneurs and investment. And it has a unique way to train personnel, which allows the trainees to gain practical company, academic, and lab experience. Its Shenzhuang Industrial Zone and TMT Industrial Park have been recognized as a Shanghai innovation bases for intelligent equipment and network information security, which are among the city's first 50 pilot areas for an innovative economy.

Well-known enterprises in the park include Huadian GE Aro Gas Turbine Equipment Co, Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group, Shanghai Tofflon Science and Technology Co, Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co, Songz Automobile Air Conditioning, Sunwin Bus, Sieyuan Electric and ABB. It has 82 enterprises funded by the global Top 500 and 183 high-tech companies, as well as 15 national research institutes and 22 enterprise technological centers,  three national post-doc research stations, 15 engineering research centers, two national engineering labs, 14 foreign-funded R&D centers and one industrial technological center.