High-end magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radio frequency coil

Updated:2016-01-29 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radio frequency coils developed by Shanghai Chenguang Medical Technologies Co have caught up with the world's latest technology. Some are world-leading products.


The company has developed unique radio frequency coils for scientific research like the mouse coil. With its unique design and strict technical specifications, the company uses a group of technologies to upgrade its production process, which helps improve the products' signal-to-noise ratio, reliability, homogeneity and security.

Its 8-channel high-density design carotid artery coil can make high-definition imaging for carotid arteries and has been used in clinical diagnosis and scientific research in domestic and foreign hospitals.


The company has the core technologies and 64 patents on MRI radio coil development and production, including four invention patents. Some of their self-developed products have gained certifications from Underwriter Laboratories Inc (UL), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PAL and CE, and are qualified to enter the market in the US and EU.