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Atomistic-TCAD is one of the most advanced and accurate TCAD software for designing atomistic electronic devices in the world, based on the atomic-level simulation. Atomistic-TCAD software aims to help semiconductor manufacturers to solve the design problems for sub-20nm-device technology.

Comparing the traditional process modeling techniques, Atomistic-TCAD is the computer-aided design software at the atomic level, so the Atomistic-TCAD can obtain the process technology parameters precisely without any heavy experimental measurement, by modeling and simulating nano-scale semiconductor electronic devices. It can relieve the common difficulties of design and fabrication in nano-scale semiconductor industry effectively, and help the semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate the development of semiconductor processes and improve the yield. Moreover, Atomistic-TCAD can be expanded to simulation of any novel material with wide range of industry application.

The development of the kernel code of Atomistic-TCAD has been completed. One of important transistor structures, 10nm scaled FDSOI, has been accurately simulated at atomic level for the first time in the world by Atomistic-TCAD, with more than 10000 atoms.