Shanghai Ankon Technologies Co Ltd

Updated:2016-01-29 (

Shanghai Ankon Technologies Co Ltd specializes in medical equipment. It has created and commercialized the first gastric capsule endoscope robot system in the world.

Ankon has a team of experts experienced in business incubation, some of whom with PhD degrees from Silicon Valley.

The advanced robot system, named NaviCam™, is an effective tool for the early detection of gastric diseases. The system can also help to improve medical resources allocation and evaluate treatments.

The uniqueness of the technology lies in the precise control of magnetic fields and photo electronic imaging, which improve the locating function of the capsule endoscope and increase the accuracy of disease detection.

China has high incidence of gastric diseases, ranking No 1 in the world for gastric cancer. Therefore, such heath checking tools are vital in disease prevention. Traditional tools have the risk of infection and bring discomfort to patients, but Navicam brings a painless medical examination.

The robot system was registered with China’s Food and Drug Administration in Jan 2013, and has no competitor in the market. It is now used by hundreds of first-class hospitals across the country.

Ankon won a 2013 award from Ernst & Young Global and Fudan University, and was the champion of the 2013 Chrysler Cup and Dark Horse Series, standing out among 1,600 high-tech enterprises. The company also attracts attention from national leaders. Presidents Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping both visited the company in person, with high expectations for the medical team.