Shanghai Hippo Animation Design Inc Ltd

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Founded in January, 2006, Shanghai Hippo Animation Design (Hippo Animation) is a pioneer and leader in China for original 3D animation, while integrating the digital content production, digital environment operation, film and television production and distribution, derivatives development, design and development of virtual simulation and interactive experience equipment.


 Works of Shanghai Hippo Animation Design Inc Ltd. [Photo provided to]

Hippo Animation was appointed a national key animation enterprise by the Ministries of Culture and Finance and by the State Administration of Taxation in 2012. In December 2014, it was selected as a national culture industry demonstration base. The following year, Hippo Animation was listed on the New Third Board or National Equities Exchange and Quotation system.

Founder and president Xu Ke is a member of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (also known as the Thousand Talents Plan) and a member of Shanghai’s Thousands Talents Plan.

The company has developed a content production team of more than 220 people and a leading level in digital entertainment technology. Its annual output includes three to four 3D animation films, two 4D films, 2,000 minutes of 3D image data and technologies that integrate culture and science such as virtual simulation.  

As one of the largest 3D animation companies in China, Hippo Animation devotes itself to original content production. During its 10-year’s experience, it has made six animation movies and some original award-winning works.


Hippo Animation started in the digital entertainment business because demand is growing in recent years. It focuses on the design and production of interactive multi-media, and virtual simulation.


The company will implement a whole-industrial chain development strategy that highlights original animation, films and television. It plans to organize an international team and build an alliance of production, promotion and distribution.