Introduction of Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone

Updated:2016-02-01 (

The Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (formerly Shanghai Hi-Tech Development Zone) got its current name from the State Council in 2006 and in its more than 20 years of development, has grown from a single park to 22 parks covering 531 square kilometers and all of Shanghai's districts.

It got State Council approval as a national innovation demonstration zone back in 2011, marking its move to a new development stage, at which point it began working to develop an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, emerging industries, talented people from around the world, and reform policies. Now it is behind Shanghai’s innovation and reforms and building a global science and technology center.

Guiding ideas

Zone administrators have a mission to be a world leader in science and technology in line with the Shanghai government’s and municipal Party committee’s “Suggestions on Speeding up Building Shanghai into an International Science and Technology Innovation Center”. It is meant to be a pilot in the system and reforms, management transformation, and the integration of the industrial and spatial layouts to provide start-up services and talent.

Development goals

Zone administrators say they want breakthroughs in four areas: first, science and technology innovations and emerging industries; second, build a national pilot zone in talent and pushing science and technology through experiment and innovative systems; third, build an innovative ecology and environment for services, cross-border integration and open cooperation and encouraging people to start their own business and innovate; and, fourth, give innovation impetus and vitality through mechanism and system reform.

The zone is expected to become a world-leading zone by 2020, with a national comprehensive science center and critical innovation sites and demonstration areas for scientific results and technology transfers, and special industrial bases, a national pilot zone for talent reform through coordinated development of the Zone and the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.