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Shanghai's Chinese Academy of Sciences Materia Medica Institute has taken more than a decade to develop its salvianolate, a revolutionary product of modern technology and a milestone in modern traditional Chinese medicine. Research has shown the new medicine to contain 80 percent of the most effective active constituent targeted, and the remaining 20 percent is the homolog of the active constituent, and the drug is 100 percent natural.

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International-standard manufacturing line of the drug. [Photo provided to]

The drug has seen three technological breakthroughs in extraction and purification, quality control, and lyophilized powder for injection. It has a high curative effect and high safety standards and has been tested against the most advanced technology and has passed the I-IV clinical test and much clinical practice and has proved safe and effective.

The drug has received praise in China and abroad and has won awards from Shanghai’s Science and Technology Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Chemical Industry and Engineering Society, and the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, and got first prize in Shanghai technology innovation for 2007, a China Pharmacy Development Award in 2011, a National Award for Technological Invention in 2011, Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award in 2013, and a Tan Jiazhen Life Sciences Industry Award in 2014. That same year, the drug was added to the National Torch Program.

When the drug first appeared on the market in May 2005, it was widely mentioned in international magazines. Nature Biotechnology  commented that it was a significance innovation in traditional Chinese medicine, which has long history of clinical practice, and that compared with other new compounds, was much faster and cheaper.

Chen Keji, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert in both Chinese and western medicine, said in the “Chinese Journal of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine” that salvianolate has significant clinical effect and is the best example of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicines.