160kW-driven electric motor

Updated:2016-02-03 (chinadaily.com.cn)

160kW-driven electric motor:

A permanent magnet synchronous motor for new-energy cars with high power.

60 kW-double drive hybrid power system:

This type of hybrid power engine for passenger cars is China’s first winding drive motor with a hybrid transmission, and ranks fourth in the world, with only six companies with this technology -- Allison, GM, Benz, BMW, Toyota and Ford. It uses oil, in contrast to the air or water cooling commonly used. The principle is to cool the parts by spraying oil directly onto them as opposed to water cooling which requires a medium to get the heat to the water. Oil also has better thermal conductivity than air, making it more efficient. The new energy car has lower energy consumption, about 45 percent, and emissions that meet national standards.