12 exit-entry measures for foreign talents

Updated:2016-02-03 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The 12 exit-entry measures were formulated by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China for attracting talent to Shanghai for its construction into a science and technology innovation center. These measures shall enter force as of July 1, 2015.


These measures support Shanghai's construction into a science and technology innovation center by providing convenient exit-entry environment, preferential treatment for foreign talents.

1.Build a market-based talent identification mechanism, smooth the market-oriented channels for the talents apply for permanent residence.

2.Optimize the transfer mechanism from employment residence permit to permanent residence for the foreign talents and members of S&T innovation teams introduced by the key fields and industries in Shanghai, and also to shorten the approval duration.

3.Expand the scope of high-level talents to apply visa for talents at ports and within the boundary of China, and to create convenience for their entry, stay and residence.

4.Support foreign students' innovation and start-ups in Shanghai after they graduated from Chinese universities and colleges, and attract more outstanding foreign graduates.

5.Further simplify the procedures for entry, stay and residence for the foreigners who come to Shanghai for innovation and start-ups, attract more foreign talents from oversea.

6.Expand the scope of long-term residence permit and ensure the foreigners working in Shanghai enjoy more stable residence.

7.Expand the scope for the non-Shanghai registered permanent residence in applying for exit-entry documents by combining with Shanghai residence regulations.

8.Authorize the exit-entry administration of Shanghai public security bureau to make settlement policy for the special talents from Hong Kong and Macao, and their families; while the Shanghai public security bureau is authorize for examination and approval to improve the efficiency.

9.Provide convenience for the stay and residence of foreign accompanying staff in order to meet the work and life needs of foreign high-level talents.

10.Push and optimize the foreigners’visa-free transit in Shanghai port and the Yangtze River Delta, in order for a more convenient and loose environment for business and tourism.

11.Explore into the visa-free policy for foreign cruise tourists who enter intoChinathrough Shanghai, with full support for the development of cruise economy.

12.The Ministry of Public Security and Shanghai municipal government will set a mechanism to push and support the construction of Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center.