Energy conservation and environmental protection industry

Updated:2016-02-03 (

Equipment, products and services for energy-efficient environmental protection and resource recycling are being vigorously developed in the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone. The zone encourages R&D and innovation towards efficient and clean energy production and utilization, with supporting facilities.

The zone's green industry focuses on new technologies and products related to high-efficiency energy conservation motors and dragging systems, industrial frequency conversion equipment, and utilization equipment for waste heat and overbottom pressure. It also promotes technologies and equipment for water pollution prevention and control, carbon capture, flue gas dedusting, desulfurization, denitration, and waste disposal. One of the goals of the zone’s green industry is to speed up the R&D of the key common technology for resources recycling and the comprehensive utilization of solid water. Meanwhile, it also strives to develop a market-oriented energy conservation and environmental protection services system.