Modern services industry

Updated:2016-02-03 (

Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone will promote the integration of information technology and the production-oriented service sector. It will develop the technologies of digital communication and presentation, data processing, digital medical treatment, and personalized intelligent precision information, and improve service standards and specifications. Public platforms of comprehensive software and information services will be built and a group of Internet-oriented industries, such as software service, value-added telecommunications, e-commerce, and supply-chain management will be developed to upgrade modern financial, logistic and industrial designs.

The zone will support the development of service trades, including information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and knowledge process outsourcing. Industrial parks of information, financial services and biopharmaceutical and animation design will be built. More support will be provided to legal consultancy, accounting, auditing, asset appraisal, certification & accreditation, credit evaluation, advertising & exhibition, financial insurance and educational services.

Efforts will also be made to develop high-tech service sectors. The construction of a national high-tech service base and of the pilot city of the national "three-network convergence” project, a nationwide project to deliver telecom, radio, television and Internet services over a single broadband connection, will be speeded up. Other enterprises involving the high-tech service, such as energy saving and strategy consultancies, will be developed and a number of companies in Internet applications, biological technology and intellectual property will be encouraged to foster innovations of technologies and business modes.