Galaxycore Shanghai Corp Ltd

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Galaxycore Shanghai Corp Ltd was set up in 2003 in the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in the fabless image sensor sector to supply the global mobile device and consumer electronics market and mainly works in design, development and marketing of high-quality and cost-efficient CMOS image sensor devices that capture optical images and convert the images to digital output signals.

Its image sensors are primarily used for mobile devices, including feature phones, smart phones, and tablets. It also designs and markets LCD driver chips, which allow LCD panels to display image data on a screen.

Its innovative design, and efficient, flexible manufacturing are its competitive key and it has around 200 patents and awards for science and technology progress. It also cooperates with other industry figures, such as suppliers (foundries or packaging companies), CMOS camera module manufacturers and LCD module manufacturers, and device manufacturers and design houses, allowing it to form an industrial chain for CIS.

It is now the biggest client of China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, the second biggest in the world and has plans to become a leader in the image sensor industry as well as the LCD.


Products: QVGA, CIF,VGA,HD,2M,5M,8M CMOS Image Sensor and LCD driver chip (QQVGA,QCIF,QVGA,HVGA,WVGA). It shipped 1.04 billion chips in 2014, accounting for 23 percent of the world’s total CMOS sensor shipments and had sales worth at least $350 million. It was declared one of the “National Top 10 IC Designing Enterprise” for 2014 by the Chinese Semiconductor Association.