Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals

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Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals is a famous traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) producer which focuses on modernization and internationalization of TCM. It was originally known as Shanghai No. 1 TCM Pharmaceutical Factory, built in 1958. The factory was formed after the merger of four famous century-old pharmaceutical factories—Leiyunshang, Huqingyu, Tonghanchun, and Caitongde. In August, 2001, it was restructured and re-invested by the Li Ka-shing Hutchison Whampoa and Shanghai Medical and Pharmaceutical Group, with a registered capital of 229 million yuan. 

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals produces more than 70 kinds of medicines in the form of pills, tablets, and injections. Its major products include Heart-protecting musk pills, Danning tablets, Shengmai injections, Shouwu Yanshou tablets, Detumescence tablets, and Compound angelica injections. It has a staff of 2,400. In 2015, the company achieved annual revenue of 1.4 billion yuan, of which 1.2 billion and 100 million yuan were attributed to Heart-protecting musk pills and Danning tablets respectively. Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals is the leading company in cardiovascular disease TCMs in China and the biggest producer of medical pills in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise, and a Vice-chairman Company of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industries. Its name is a famous trademark in China.

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals aims to promote the modernization and internationalization of TCM. It now owns three research platforms, including the Shanghai TCM innovation engineering research center, the Shanghai enterprises technology center, and the Shanghai academician and expert center. It has a technology team of 141 members, 70 percent of whom holding middle or senior posts or having a master or doctoral degree. They conduct research mainly on TCM resources, preparations, pharmacology, clinical applications, technology, quality, and new drugs, including pilot experiments on new drugs, and improvements of existing technology and quality standards. 

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals has established good cooperation relationships with Cambridge University, Second Military Medical University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of CAS. The company is also in charge of 24 government projects, including the National Natural Sciences Fund, the National Ministry of Science and Technology Support Plan, the Shanghai Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Project, and international cooperation. 

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals is a company with a good sense of social responsibility. It launched the "Heart Hope Project" in 2007 to spread health knowledge, and built a Hope primary school in Xi'an in 2009. It has also set up Hutchison Libraries in more than 30 poor areas. In 2012, general manager Zhou Junjie gave a speech on companies' social responsibilities in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.