Updated:2016-02-05 (chinadaily.com.cn)

IBot is a leading intelligent robot technology provider and platform operator. The company is devoted to research and applications of the interaction technology of core semantics of intelligent robots. It has built up a system for structured learning, knowledge representation, semantic understanding, reasoning, and advanced applications. It offers various solutions for enterprises, standards, and Saas products, and powerful business interaction services from the cloud. It has set up the biggest intelligent robot cloud service platform in the world.

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The innovative products and service systems of iBot have been widely applied in the market, providing services for over 1,000 middle and big and medium-sized companies and tens of thousands of small enterprises. It is compatible with hardware products and used in intelligent robots, intelligent houses, intelligent home appliances, intelligent automobiles, and intelligent medical treatments. IBot is now serving more than 200 million users, and realizing tens of billions of dialogues each year. IBot is spoken highly of both at home and abroad, and has become the outstanding example of Gartner. It won the gold award at the International Industry Fair, and has greatly promoted the global industralization of human intelligence.