Hupu Sports (Shanghai) Media Ltd



Hupu Sports (Shanghai) Media Ltd is a leading Chinese innovative Internet sports media company. Founded by Shawn Cheng in the United States and registered in Shanghai's Hongkou district, Hupu now has more than 10 branches and nearly 1,000 employees. 

The owned by Hupu is said to be China's largest sports website, with comprehensive services ranging from sports news to social networking, e-commerce and hosting of sports events covering over 35 million sports fans every month.. 

Hupu undertakes many sports events. So far, it has independently hosted more than 170,000 sports activities in over 160 cities all over China and co-organized international events such as the Shanghai International Marathon, the NFL, the NCAA and CUBA. 

Hupu raised 230 million yuan ($34.96 million) in equity funding in January 2015. It also initiated China's largest sports investment fund, the Arena Capital, which raised 2 billion yuan, with an exclusive focus on investment in emerging enterprises, especially those in high-tech and Internet fields, in the Chinese sports industry. 

One of Arena Capital's investment projects, for example, is "Smart Stadium". It plans to upgrade more than 1.5 million stadiums in China and equip them with digital equipment and cloud technologies.

Hupu, along with the Chinese sporting goods firm Guirenniao Co, the Federation of University Sports of China and the Chinese School Sports Federation, invested 260 million yuan to establish three sports enterprises in May 2015. Their businesses include sports videos, event operations and sports brokerage, and are expected to develop into a complete sports industrial chain.

Hupu has been named a "Shanghai new and high-tech enterprise", "Shanghai high-tech little giant" and "Shanghai excellent high-tech enterprise" in recent years. It has also attracted the attention of media at home and abroad. Business Week commented that the company as "a powerful and ambitious revolution that is changing the sports industry by the Internet".