Zhongke Siasun Co

Updated:2016-02-05 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The company is the headquarter of the Siasun Robot and Automation Co. It also promotes cooperation between enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities. 

The office building and manufacturing base of the company are under construction at present. Located in the Jinqiao National Economic Development Zone, the complex office building will cover an area of 10,000 square meters. The manufacturing base, projected to cover 134,000 square meters, will function as the center of the company’s innovation, R&D and production.

Siasun is a listed high-tech enterprise affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It holds exclusive robotic technology and focuses on digital intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing.

Siasun's robot products consist of industrial robots, vacuum cleaning robots, mobile robots, specialized robots and intelligent service robots. In particular, the industrial robot developed by Siasun has achieved 88 technological breakthroughs and become the leader in the domestic robot industry. The products are exported to 13 countries and regions.

A high-end intelligent equipment industry cluster has been developed by Siasun.It ranges from fields of intelligent logistics, automated equipment and cleaning equipment to laser technology, rail transit, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Siasun has five holding subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenyang. Two high-end equipment manufacturing bases are located in Hangzhou and Shenyang.

The company has been awarded with titles of "national robot engineering research center", "national robotics industrialization base" and"national innovation enterprise". Today, it has the responsibility of leading the industrial transformation in the country.

Address: Building 33, No 351 Jinzang Rd, Jinqiao Export Processing  Zone, Pudong, Shanghai