Deep-sea remote operations system

Updated:2016-02-05 (

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China's National High-tech R&D Program's 4,500-meter deep-sea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) project has resulted in an MV Sea Horse ROV Operating System (OS) with the deepest depth so far. The parent vessel of the project is the Marine Six Integrated Scientific Research Ship, with technical support from Shanghai Jiaotong University. 

After six years of research. China has developed 90 percent of the equipment and key technology, such as mechanical structure, buoyancy, hydraulic power, propulsion, manipulator and tools, communication and navigation. The MV Sea Horse ROV OS means that China has laid a solid foundation for the domestication and industrialization of remotely operated vehicles. 

The MV Sea Horse ROV OS completed a trial run in the South China Sea in 2014, aboard the "Marine Six", going undersea 17 times, three of them reaching the bottom of the central basin with a maximum depth stood at 4,502 meters. It began official operations a year later with some astounding results in hydrate resource investigation on the northern slope of the South China Sea in March and seabed resource exploration at the Pacific Ocean Caiwei Seamounts in June and July. 

The "MV Sea Horse" is yet another success in Jiaolong Manned Submersible  technology and took 2nd Place in the Chinese Top 10 Advances in Science and Technology for 2014, the 1st Place in Chinese Ocean Top 10 Science and Technology Progress Awards and 2nd in the Chinese Geological Science and Technology Progress Awards the same year.