Intelligent Electric Vehicles 

Updated:2016-02-05 (


The IEV is a smart, micro-electric concept vehicle that fits between the A00-type car and the electric scooter (motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle) and provides new urban mobility solutions with economic and environmentally friendly performance. 

The IEV is equipped with 3G network and hands-off phone, information service telematics, and an in-car entertainment system. It brings the concept of connectivity through the 3G network and Internet connections, and provide a variety of information services, including WiFi LAN and 3G Internet. It also has a comprehensive, intelligent system and computer system with wireless   communication technology (Telmatic) application, which provides security services such as emergency calling and vehicle theft tracking.


There are also general information services such as navigation and weather forecasts. Its four-wheel drive powered by a lithium-ion battery is safe, easy-to-operate, and stylish, giving it wide popularity among different age groups. Patent applications have been filed for 14 items in the vehicle and its technology with three of them approved.