Smart Distributed Medium-and-High-Power Grid-tied Inverting System

Updated:2016-02-05 (

The smart distributed medium-and-high-power grid-tied inverting system developed by Shanghai Chint Power Systems Co is a technical breakthrough of medium-voltage grid-tied high power PV inverting systems.

The system greatly improves security with features such as a SVPWM strategy for a two-level inverter, the first of its kind in the world, as well as high-efficiency inverter topology. It can prevent fire with its initiative DC ARC detection technology. The system also adopts mA leakage current sensors based on ferrite cores, helping reduce the cost of components from 400 to 45 yuan. The peak efficiency of the integrated inductance transformer is a record high 99.1 percent with an integrated inductor and transformer, while the introduction of parallel technology increases the inverter's service life by 30 percent.

The system has passed professional certifications such as Germany's TUV and Europe's CE. It has more than 100 patents and has developed a series of products from 1.5KW to 1.26MW with maximum efficiencies of over 98.6 percent.

The inverter product has been applied in many projects, including the 10MW rooftop solar power system of Hangzhou East Railway Station (Asia’s largest PV power system for a single building) and Yongchang's 100MW PV power station (China's largest ground power station). 

In 2011, Shanghai Chint Power Systems Co won Germany's top industrial award – the Red Dot Design Award -- becoming the only inverter company in China to have done so. In 2014, the company became the ninth most competitive inverter producer in the world and its construction scale of PV stations exceeded 4GW. In that year it was selected as China's top and the world's second inverter giant by POTON, the global leading solar power magazine.