Shanghai gets new rules for bringing in talented expats

Updated:2016-02-17 (

Shanghai wants to attract and retaining more talented people to provide intellectual support for building a science and technology innovation center, so it has come up with rules to improve its talent system and to promote innovation in the following ways:     

1. Introduce more high-level personnel from overseas especially foreign  experts.                      

2. Ease restrictions on expats applying for permanent residency and simplify the application procedure. A foreigner, with a company’s recommendation, can apply for permanent residence in China on condition that he or she has worked in Shanghai for at least four years, stays in China for no less than six months per year, has a permanent address and suitable income and personal tax records.

3. Outstanding expats identified by Shanghai’s HR authorities and those hired and vouched for by companies on the Shanghai Sci&Tech Innovation List can apply for a five-year employment residence permit regardless of the 60-year age limit. Once having working in Shanghai for three years, they can apply for a permanent residence permit on their company’s recommendation.

4. Apply the policy R (talent) visa rule and expand its scope.                      

5. Find ways to let foreign students innovate or start a business in Shanghai right after graduating. For example, foreign graduates who get a Master's or higher at a Shanghai university and would like to start their career in the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone are able to apply for an employment or employment residence permit with a certificate from the Zhangjiang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone administration committee.     

6. Simplify the entry and residence procedure for foreigners who come to Shanghai for innovation or entrepreneurship. Make settlement policy for the special talents from Hong Kong and Macao, as well as their families. For example, allow foreigners who come to work in Shanghai with a work permit apply for 1-year employment residence after entering China.                             

7. Find ways to establish an offshore innovation and business base for overseas talent and improve channels and sites for overseas talent introduction, provide multi-level service and support for offshore business start-ups, find a reliable offshore business trusteeship to create an open, convenient business environment for overseas talents.                                   

8. Find a way to establish financial organizations, such as the Zhangjiang Science and Technology Bank, that provide innovative financial services specializing for small-to-mid-sized enterprises, to support innovation and business start-ups of top talents, establish hiring, salary, assessment, scientific research management, and social security systems for top talents in line with international practice, encourage universities, colleges, parks, and science and technology research institutes to build special talent zones and find a flexible employment mechanism.                      

9. Set up international talent exchange sites and encourage multinationals to set up regional HQ or R&D centers in Shanghai and attract international organizations and academic forums to Shanghai, encourage foreign-backed R&D organizations to build labs or talent cultivation bases by working with local universities, colleges, scientific research institutes and companies.                     

10. Improve the medical environment for talented people from overseas, support third-party international medical insurance settlements, expand the supply of international education resources and find ways to establish schools for foreign children through non-governmental funds.