Zhangjiang embraces comprehensive health industry association

Updated:2017-12-06 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Local authorities and industry executives attend the opening ceremony of Zhangjiang Maker Union Comprehensive Health Industry Association on Nov 28. [Photo/WeChat account: zjpark]

The Comprehensive Health Industry Association was officially launched by Zhangjiang Maker Union and Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association in Shanghai on Nov 28, a great move to promote the healthcare development in Zhangjiang and overall Shanghai.

Since the central government proposed the national strategy of "Healthy China", which was reinforced at the 19th CPC National Congress this year, the whole society has attached great importance to the health industry.

Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, which takes lead in medical and technological innovation, has been working on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the smart healthcare industry and achieved remarkable achievements, according to Hu Kui, deputy director of the technological innovation department of Zhangjiang authority.

Hu introduced that many small and medium-sized companies use internet, cloud computing and big data technologies to make hospitals accessible online.

Zhu Chengyi, president of the council of Zhangjiang Maker Union, said that the newly-established association will grasp the development opportunities of comprehensive health industry and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation of the industry.

Zhangjiang Maker Union, a link between government and social enterprises, is designed to incubate, promote, and serve scientific and technological innovation.

Its current focus on comprehensive health was because the industry forms an important part of Shanghai's innovative development and the city's goal of becoming a scientific and technological center with global influence.

A roundtable discussion was also held after the opening ceremony, where leading enterprises in the comprehensive health field gathered and shared their ideas on the role of artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights in the industry and the future trend of healthcare.


Renowned enterprises in the comprehensive health field share their ideas on how to initiate artificial intelligence projects in healthcare institutions at a roundtable discussion on Nov 28. [Photo/WeChat account: zjpark]


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