Zhangjiang Vπ goes all out to support local companies

Updated:2017-12-27 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Zhangjiang Vπ's brand-promoting activities will be held in Zhangjiang Theatre Valley, where Zhangjiang announced that it will play a leading role in supporting local companies, according to a news report on the official Pudong website on Dec 26.

There has been rapid development at Zhangjiang's Comprehensive National Science Centre and the National Automatic Innovation Demonstration Area, and Zhangjiang Vπ is doubling its efforts to support local companies.

Zhangjiang Vπ has incorporated technologies, finance and research institutes into its platform, thus enhancing cooperation and propelling the growth of local companies.

Zhangjiang Vπ has been increasing its investment. At present, the amount has reached 1.8 billion yuan ($275 million). Seven companies that received investment from Zhangjiang Vπ have come onto the market. In 2017 alone, Zhangjiang Vπ has invested in 32 funds, the total reaching 1.6 billion yuan and will invest more in the future.

One case in point is Medtrum, a company dedicated to simplifying diabetes management and developing devices that meet the needs of patients with different types of diabetes. Since it settled in Zhangjiang, Zhangjiang Vπ has been supporting Medtrum financially. Now the estimated value of the company has reached 1 billion yuan .

Chen Weiwei, deputy general manager of Zhangjiang Group, said Zhangjiang Vπ has been boosting innovation by investing 1.5 billion yuan annually, and next year, the group will increase its investment with the aim of creating an environment for even better innovation.


Workshop of Zhangjiang Vπ. [Photo/ people.cn]


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