Zhangjiang museum hosts modern art exhibition

Updated:2018-11-15 (chinadaily.com.cn)


A modern art exhibition, Heteroglossia, is taking at the How Art Museum in Zhangjiang area, Shanghai, from Nov 7, 2018 to Feb 17, 2019. [Photo/weibo account of Zhangjiang High Tech Park]

A modern art exhibition, Heteroglossia, is taking place at the How Art Museum in Zhangjiang area, Shanghai, from Nov 7, 2018 to Feb 17, 2019.

The title of the exhibition was coined by the Russian linguist Mikhail Bakhtin in 1934, and describes the coexistence of distinct varieties within a single language.

This exhibition invites modern artists from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Netherlands who grew up in an era of rapid globalization and fast technological and media development that made their experiences completely different from their predecessors.

The artists will use popular elements to create art works and express their unique views and understanding of the region and the era they live in.

The exhibits include installations and videos. Wang Qingsong and Yangjiang Group use striking visual signs and commodities to ask questions about the consumer society we live in. Cao Fei and Fiona Tan focus on the daily lives of individuals. Tiong Ang hopes to weaken the concept of boundaries via open spatial structures.

Officials at the How Art Museum said that they want to convey their perception and thinking about the contemporary era via the exhibition and also hope visitors can share their opinions and attitudes.

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