5G smart medical testing ground to open in Zhangjiang

Updated:2019-05-08 (zjsfq.gov.cn)


The Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd in Zhangjiang [Photo/biotecan.com]

A 5G smart medical testing ground is being constructed in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science City according to its founder, Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd.

At present, the 20,000-square-meter testing ground has been fully covered with a 5G network and more than 10 innovative enterprises in the medical big data field have committed to settling in there.

The testing ground is expected to become an innovation, service and industrial center of smart medical facilities with global influence, according to Biotecan.

The company hopes to gather more high-level scientist teams to Zhangjiang to provide world-leading technical support for basic research, clinical practice and industrialization in the medical industry.

"Zhangjiang's medical industry has developed rapidly. The universities and research institutes in the science city have many high-level scientists, and the R&D headquarters of large biomedical enterprises and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises are gathered in Zhangjiang," said Lou Jingwei, chairman of Biotecan.

"We hope to provide an online resource-sharing platform for all innovative enterprises through the 5G network as soon as possible."

The company is also enhancing online interaction with first-class hospitals, providing data support for the communication between the medical institutions and innovation teams.

At present, the company has established more than 100 joint molecular medical centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu province and other provinces and cities, forming a strong network system.

A leading enterprise of big data for precision medicine, Biotecan was established in Zhangjiang in 2008. It currently has 19 subsidiaries. The company has made rapid progress on major diseases such as prostate cancer and esophageal cancer.