Zhangjiang Guochuang Center: a sharing space for innovation

Updated:2019-05-17 (zjsfq.gov.cn)


Zhangjiang Guochuang Center in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science City. [Photo/eastday.com]

Zhangjiang Guochuang Center (E Park) in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science City, a sharing space for mass innovation, recently finished construction of its supporting facilities including an apartment, a roof garden and a library.

The E Park was transformed from an old 100,000-square meter LCD factory. The renovated space, different from traditional office buildings, has no gate. People can go directly to the shared space in the atrium.

According to its founder, the park hopes to promote the development of a complex of offices, residences, dining and recreation. The idea is more in line with enterprises' current needs for a working environment.

A number of enterprises from home and abroad have settled in E Park to date, including Honeywell, a United States-based manufacturing and technology conglomerate, and Japan's Hitachi High-Technologies.

What's more, the Yangtze River Delta headquarters of Plug and Play, a global early stage investor and corporate innovation platform, is set to open in E Park in October this year.